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Thai Money.....   Bring new money with no cuts or writing on it and the larger the denomination the more you will get at the currency exchange booth.  Do not change a lot of money at the airport as they tend to give you less of an exchange rate. There is an excellent new currency booth right in front of the View Talay 2A condo building.  If you select travelers checks then bring large denomination checks and your passport will be required to cash them in.  You must also provide a perfect signature to have them cashed.  Not all places accept these.  If you bring an ATM card inform your bank that you are traveling to Thailand so they will not flag your card and refuse you access to your money. Use your ATM at banks to help avoid your card from being copied and cover the key pad as you punch in your ATM code. If you don't have to pay for things using a credit card then don't as even some restaurants have been known to make copies.  It does not happen every day but it does happen here. If you are bringing a credit card make sure you inform your bank in advance that you are going to Thailand. Thai money comes in 1,000, 500, 100, 50 and 20 baht notes and all of them are different colors.  Learn the colors

Smile..... If you keep a smile on your face you will get a lot more from your holiday.  Thai girls love smiles and soft spoken guys.  It really does not make much of a difference if your fat or fit as long as you have money in your pocket then you will be called handsome man.

Handsome man....  Your first experience here in Pattaya will be a holiday you will always remember but don't let the constant handsome man, sexy man, good hearted man praises from the beautiful Thai girls cause you to FALL IN LOVE !!!!!  It happens more then you might think. Remember that in most cases You can take the girl out of the bar, but not the bar out of the girl..... The more handsome man coupons you redeem with the girls the more extraordinarily handsome you become. Handsome man coupons can be acquired from any of the local banks.

Thailand Visas..... You do not need a visa in advance to holiday here in Thailand.  They will give you a visa when you go through immigration at the airport which will be good for 30 days. If you wish to stay longer you should apply for a Tourist Visa from your home country at the Thai Embassy before you visit Thailand. In most cases you can get a Tourist Visa with out any problems which allows you to stay in Thailand for 2 months. After your two months are up you can go to Pattaya Immigration office located on soi 5 Jomtien for an extention of 30 days. If you wish to stay longer you might want to apply for a Tourist Visa with 2 entries which will give you a 4 months with two extentions for a total of 6 months but again apply for this before you leave for your holiday in Thailand. After your first extention is up you have to leave the country on a visa run to use your second visa entry. Over-staying your visa is not a good thing to do!  Long term stays in Thailand for a year or more...  There are a few options. If you are 50 or over you will qualify for the Retirement Visa. If you are younger then this you can apply for a Thai education visa. "However, if you want a method which is fool proof, doesn’t require frequent laborious border runs (each of which effectively mean wasting days of your life) and can guarantee you a stay of up to 10 years or more in Thailand, then there is a radical new alternative, the Non-Immigrant Educational Visa (Ed Visa). There are currently two language schools in Pattaya that offer educational visas,  CTLS, offers a far more comprehensive service. The Ed Visa offers virtually all the benefits of a residence visa. The greatest advantage of the Ed Visa, however, is that you can remain in the country without the constant threat of overstaying and what’s more, accord with the desires of the Thai authorities, who themselves recommend this method of long-stay. To acquire an Ed. Visa, you must enroll at the school for a Thai Language and Culture Course of 200 hours, at the rate of four hours per week. This will teach you spoken and written Thai, thus enhancing your communication abilities, endearing yourself to the Thai people and immeasurably enriching your experience of the Land of Smiles, not least because it will reveal the mysteries of Thailand that most foreigners forego through an ignorance of the language and culture. The process of acquiring the Ed Visa is simple and guaranteed for all enrolees because CTLS is fully recognised by the Ministry of Education and has all the necessary licences. The school also has several branches, the one in Bangkok having successfully graduated 500 students over a 5-year period, so they are fully au fait with the procedures. The cost of the course is Bt28,000, payable in two halves.  On enrolling and submitting 12 passport-sized photos, all the necessary paperwork is then completed to acquire a 3-month temporary Ed. Visa, which must be obtained from the Cambodian border. On returning to Pattaya, further paperwork must be completed and submitted and at the end of the three months, one goes to Pattaya Immigration in Jomtien Soi 5, who will issue you with a one year Ed Visa, which has to be renewed every three months, but again at Pattaya Immigration, no border runs Details are available from   or in person from CTLS, 202236 Moo 9, Pattaya Central Road (down the side of Carrefour Supermarket). Telephone : 66 038 416891, 66 038 416892
Visit the website for Pattaya Immigration for more answers to your questions."

Travel Light.....  You do not need to bring a lot of things to Thailand as just about anything you might need will be here.

Holiday Plan.... Search the websites and there are thousands of them to choose from but in most cases those newbie plans you have made are thrown out the window once you hit the streets.

Promises.....  Don't promise a Thai girl something if you do not intend on making your promise good.

Crossing the road...  Motor vehicles here in Pattaya have no obligation to stop for you if you are crossing the street and they will come from both directions even on a one way street and they also come from the side walks.  Motor bikes are everywhere so look both ways even on a one way road.

Respect.....  Be respectful of Thai culture and traditions which includes standing for the national anthem when its played at the cinema . If you respect local people and customs you will have a better time for it! Make sure that you never insult the king. It is a crime in LOS. Never ever ever go up to a Thai girl and and touch her on the street or in a shopping Mall as you might end up in jail (Monkey House)  Dont touch a Thai's head, it is the closest thing to Buddha and is simply not done unless you have permission, dont point the soles of your feet at buddha statues or areas of worship.  Never touch any of the food or drink left at a Buddha statue, it is there for Buddha. What it means to be Thai

Thai Dress Codes...  if you wish to take a girl to the temple , put in an effort to wear something nice and don't grope her , use some tact as it is a very  big thing to them.  Wear a shirt or t-shirt when off of the beach or pool.

Thai Water..... Never drink the water here - avoid swallowing tapwater and use bottled water at all times.

Remove shoes..... Always remove your shoes if invited into a Thai's home.

Electric......  If you bring something you have to plug in from your country check to make sure you have the correct adapter for it.

Be Gentle....  Always act calm & gentle. Aggression and Shouting are held in very low regard.

Trouble...  unless you are looking for trouble , you are unlikely to find it!

Jet Ski Rentals...
   Jet ski  rentals are all over the beaches and they are a lot of fun BUT be very careful of Jet Ski Scammers.  The scammer will show you at the end of your rental damage under the Jet Ski and tell you that your are responsible for it.  They demand serious money from 20,000 - 100,000 baht.  My advice is if you are going to rent one of these inspect the bottom, (Hull) of the Jet Ski and other areas.  If it has damage MOVE TO ANOTHER Jet Ski for rent. If you fall victim to one of these scamers call the Tourist Police right away and remain calm.

Farang or falang... is the Thai name for people with white skin, both tourists and people living in Thailand. People with black skin are often called farang dam, which means "black farang". The word farang is a neutral word, so there is no need to feel insulted if someone call you this, or describe you as such one. (although the word of course can be used with a "negative sense") Farang also means Guava (the fruit), and maan farang means potato.

Thai Wai,  how and when to..... "One easy determination is age. If someone is older than you, then you should wai them unless they are someone whom you employ, such as a housekeeper. Additionally, you should never wai to anyone who you are paying for service, such as waiters, tailors, vendors, shopkeepers or taxi drivers. You also wouldn't wai your peers and friends.  Alternatively, when leaving a party or other such gathering, you should wai everyone, as this is the polite way to excuse yourself from the festivities. Do not Wai children.  There are different kinds of wais! The normal wai is with your hands pressed together at about chest level, presenting a slight bow with your body. The wai to a superior is with the tips of your fingers at nose level, still bowing your body. To convey the most respect and gratitude, you will wai with your fingertips at mouth level and present a deeper and longer bow.

"Baht-Bus..... A Baht Bus is by far the easiest and most convenient way of getting around in Pattaya. They are modified dark blue pick-up trucks with two rows of passenger seats in a covered overhead back cabin that can carry up to ten or more passengers and usually drive around Pattaya in designated circuits unless you hire them as a taxi from point A to B.
The smaller circuit goes all the way around South Pattaya (South Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya Tai, Second Road/ southern part, Pattaya Klang) whereas the larger circuit includes the northern part of Second Road all the way up to the Dolphin Roundabout.
Alternative routes include Pattaya- Naklua Road, Pattaya Nua, Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai whereas other baht-buses link South Pattaya with Jomtien Beach.
The drivers charge a flat rate of 10 Baht for a short distance ride and 20 or 30 baht for longer distances - provided you use the baht-bus as a bus service and don't hire it as a taxi. Unless your destination is not along one of the main baht-bus routes and you actually require a "special tour" you should never ask the driver where he is going or ask him to take you to a certain destination that is on his designated route anyway; he would then interpret this as a "special route"/ being hired as taxi and charge you more than the usual fare. Be aware of empty baht-buses and such parked along the roadside, too.
To get on a Baht Bus just hail them and you should just jump on the back and enjoy the ride. When you want to disembark, just press one of the several buttons attached to the roof. Once the Baht-bus stops, get off and pay the driver his regular 10 or 20 baht for longer rides. Do NOT ask him "How much?", he would then take advantage of your lack of experience and charge you a price well above the regular fare. Having a 10 Baht coin on you (or the appropriate banknote) minimizes problems and if your destination is not along the designated Baht-bus routes you can hire an empty Baht Bus as a taxi and you should always have to agree on a price before you get on.  If you are a very large person or have a lot of luggage you may be asked to pay double from the baht buses that are parked. These buses wait until their bus is full and then travels to the destination such as the bus terminal, Jomtien etc.  If you have a lot of bags you might take up a paying slot so that is why they charge you more. Please don't start an argument over a few baht.

Baht-buses to Jomtien regularly depart from the Pattaya Tai/ 2nd Road junction.  They line up near the traffic light by the police box and the first bus to depart is the closest one to the traffic light. Just get on and wait until the bus fills up. They charge a flat rate of 10 Baht but you will have to wait until enough passengers have boarded which is only a matter of a minute or two."
Gold in Thailand

Thai Gold...  has a deeper meaning to many Thais than just being a precious metal made for the making of coins, rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry.  Thai gold objects also functions as a security to many Thais in case of difficult times. The gold can then be pledge until the family's economy gets improved.  Many of the Pattaya girls might try to get you to buy them some Thai gold but you might want to think twice before you do.  When you leave there is a very good chance it will end up back in the same shop you bought it from and cash in the girls pocket. But if you do here are some facts you might want to know.

One baht Thai gold is equivalent to 15,244 grams before it is worked up. After the work the weight should be equal with or more than 15,16 grams, to still be termed as one baht gold. (To simplify it, one baht of gold normally is termed as 15,2 grams)

Karat and appearance
Thai gold jewelry often has a purity of 96,5% gold, which is equivalent to 23 karat. The remaining 3,5% consist of alloys such as silver and bronze. Some shops also provide 22, 20 or 18 karat jewelry. Lower karat objects has become a little more common in Thailand nowadays, partly inspired by "western" or so called "farang gold". Generally speaking, the higher karat a gold object has, the softer it is. For that reason, a lower karat can be recommended for rings and thin jewelry.

The Thai gold often has an intense "yellow" color due to the high carat.  The stamp on the gold is very important so if you do decide to buy make sure you buy from one of the bigger shops here in Pattaya.  The price is displayed on their door and updated to reflect every small change in the price of gold.  The price is displayed per one baht of weight.  Click here for current price of Thai gold
Learn about Thai Currency by
If you are a newbie you need to learn about Thai Money. Click the photo below
"Pattaya – sometimes known as the Sex Centre Of The Universe - has an ambiguous reputation among foreigners, despite its lavish beaches, bars and broads. Often, they don’t fully grasp the complexities of the Thai lifestyle, so, as a Thai, I’m going to you some guidelines to ensure your stay in our fair country is trouble-free and enjoyable.

Pattaya is now one of the most popular seaside venues in Southeast Asia, with a multitude of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes beaches, sports and entertainments – sufficient to cater to every taste under the sun. One of Pattaya’s greatest attractions, however, is the Go-Go bars, beer bars clubs, pubs, and discos where you can meet willing companions of all three genders: girls, boys and lady boys, so that you need never again go lonely, either for a short holiday, or in the longer term, usually at a cost, however.

Transportation is much cheaper than in Bangkok, the regular taxis – the blue Baht Buses or song taaw normally cost 10 Baht anywhere within the city boundaries; a new, local bus service operates an air-conditioned service for a flat fare of 20 Baht; motorcycle taxis normally cost from 20 Baht upwards; and longer distance buses will take you to Bangkok, and Suvarnabhumi Airport, from the North Pattaya Bus Station, or all points north from the Pattaya Klang Bus Station; additionally, buses to the local conurbations, such as Chonburi and Rayong operate on Sukhumvit Road. Otherwise, just walk to all your favourite venues.

If you want to travel on motorcycle taxis or privately in a Baht Bus, arrange the fare beforehand, and don’t argue or pick a fight in the event of dispute, the Thai will recruit 30 compatriots and you’ll always come off worse. If in doubt, take the Baht Bus driver’s name and or call the Tourist Police.

CHILL AND ENJOY You are guaranteed to have the time of your life in Fun City - Pattaya – as long as you go at the Thai pace, which can be summed up in three words/phrases: sanook (enjoy), sabai (relax) and mai pen rai (it doesn’t matter). Don’t try and force Western values on the Thais, otherwise you’ll be constantly frustrated.

BARS Bars are located in virtually every available space in Pattaya, though if you’re gay, go to Boyz Town or Sunni Plaza. The bars in Pattaya come in 4 varieties: beer bars, Go-Go bars, drinking bars and Karaoke bars. The Beer Bars, which normally open from 5pm to 2am, are usually the cheapest, especially during Happy Hours, and have willing hostesses, but you’re likely to be asked to buy a lady drink for the lady who comes up and engages you in conversation. If you wish to further enjoy the lady, to release her from the bar, you must pay a bar fine, normally in the range of 300-500 Baht, to the Mamasan, the lady in charge. Your chosen companion will either accompany you back to your room, or up to her room on the premises; the latter is cheapest as in certain bars the overall price includes both the bar fine and Horizontal Mattress Gymnastics (HMG). If you take a lady back to your room, negotiate the price beforehand, but pay afterwards, and make sure you DO pay, otherwise you’ll find either the police or local heavy brigade standing at your door!

The Go-Go Bars, which normally open anywhere from 6 to 8 pm and stay open till 2 am, are voyeur parlours and charge more than the beer bars for the drinks, the privilege of taking the lady, or boy off the premises and for the HMG. You can just drink and enjoy, but you will usually be approached by one or more ladies, especially if you ogle them too much on stage. Again, the same applies as regards buying lady drinks, but you can face them down and refuse to buy one, it’s not compulsory! The bar fines and the charge for HMG are normally higher in Go-Go bars, the former 500-1000 Baht, usually, and the lady’s fee 1000-3000 Baht. It is possible to indulge in HMG for free, but you have to look like Brad Pitt and/or be from 20-24, if you’re a young geriatric, forget it!

Drinking Bars. These are just normal bars where you can go for a drink, but without ladies, or at least ladies who can legitimately go off with you to your hotel/room.

The Karaoke Bars are usually Thai only, just as most beer bars and Go-Go bars are farang only, so don’t be surprised if the Thai regulars look at you aghast. Despite their name, they are once again venues for HMG, the singing and booze are incidental.

For the time of your life, you can go to the body massage parlours, which offer a luxurious, ultra-sensual time with a bath where the lady acts as a nude sponge! HMG extra. The price here is usually 1,500 Baht inclusive.

Beware of bill-loading, always check how many drinks you’ve had and check the math

All Discos are open to ladies of any nationality, but for male seekers, discos predominantly cater to farang heterosexual males or mixed Thai and farang males. The former include Marine Disco and Lucifer’s on Walking street, whereas the latter are Hollywood, Slim and Excite. The ladies are freelance, either free-ranging or after hours bar girls and usually cost 500 Baht. These are rarely free! NB if you indulge in illegal substances, avoid the discos as they’re subject to impromptu police searches and blood testing!

Under normal circumstances, you won’t be ripped off by the ladies, not unless they’re high on speed, but be cautious and don’t put temptation their way. Be considerate and don’t forget you’re usually far richer than they’re ever likely to be, which is why farangs have gained a reputation for being walking ATMs – also most ladies won’t believe that you’re broke, even if you are.

A cautious note re.mixed gender individuals, otherwise known as lady boys or katoeys. These are normally males who are at one of a threefold transition stage: they merely dress as ladies, they’ve got breasts due to implants and/or hormone treatments, or they’ve had the cut and are effectively fully female. They can sometimes be impossible to tell apart from the real article, but here are some tips, they’re often:
• tall
• deep-voiced
• large-footed
• equipped with an Adam’s apple (though not all)
• physically much stronger than ladies
• much more exhibitionist

MONEY AND VALUABLES Here, the best policy applies globally, not just to Pattaya - don’t be stupid, or too intoxicated! If you want to loose all your valuables, leave them exposed, or walk around sporting weighty quantities of gold. The safest bet is to secure large amounts of money, watches or other valuables in the safe at your hotel, or leave them at home, the same goes for money. Carry two wallets, one with a minimum sum and the other secured deeper on your person. Avoid flashing your money, change 1000 Baht notes for smaller denominations before partying and don’t leave your cash loose. Only use ATMs when there are either many close neighbours, or no one’s close and secure it on your person immediately. Don’t give your credit card number to anyone, irrespective of how long or how well you know them. Watch suspicious character, rogue motorcycle riders and don’t sit too close on buses, or put your wallet in a front pocket.

FARANG BANDITS Though this happens more often in Bangkok than Pattaya, beware the sidling farang, or beach bum with amazing, get rich quick scams, these include time share bandits, gem-sellers, con-merchants and sellers of non-existent or way overpriced bars or condos. Don’t leave your brain at the airport and exercise a modicum of intelligence. That also applies to Thais who sidle up and try to get you to buy ganja, coke etc or to go and see live sex shows. It’s often an excuse to rob you. Remember, there’s virtually nothing free in this life.

HARD LUCK STORIES Many bar girls are past-mistresses of the hard luck stories and their tales are legion: sick water buffaloes, mentally infirm or medically needy family members, new babies, new condo rents, motorcycles needing repair, essential new mobile phones etc. etc. They are nearly all windups, but not all! Check’em out first. And pay the rent yourself rather than giving the lady the money. And also try not to fall in love at every bar you visit, or to marry a new dynamic lover at the drop of a hat. Exercise discretion, good people.

DRIVING Always, repeat always take out the most comprehensive insurance you can before venturing out onto the maelstrom that passes for Pattaya roads, especially hiring cars or motorbikes. If you don’t, you may have someone conveniently back into you, to get a new bumper etc, have to pay horrendous medical charges for causing death, injury or substantial damage to vehicles or motor cycles. Re. motorbikes don’t drive like a maniac, despite what others may do, don’t ride Harleys and always wear protective clothing especially a hard helmet. Try and secure a hired bike at night in case some individual, including the person you hired it from, decides to steal it.

Expect to have to pay instant fines if you’re stopped by the police and don’t argue, if you don’t want to be incarcerated indefinitely. Always practice safe driving techniques and anticipate that the driver next to you will perform the most ridiculous manoeuvre, including signalling without actually doing so. And always carry a legit international driving licence and a copy of your passport with current visa page.

MAD DOGS Finally, avoid dogs at night, they’re all schizophrenic – nice during the day and bite your legs off at night, even if you’re riding a motorcycle. Look out for snakes in unlikely places and finally don’t be a mad dog yourself, or an Englishman i.e. don’t go out in the mid-day sun without protection. Always walk in the shadow, and take frequent, but short sunbathes with a high sun factor.

Apart from that – chock dee – good luck, keep your wits about you and ENJOY, because to all intents and purposes you only live once."
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The cost for this type of service is only a few handsome man coupons
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Bringing a Thai Bar or Beach girl home.....   Current economic times are tough all over the world and Pattaya is no exception.  If you select a girl to bring back to the condo it is your option to register her with security as this is for your protection. I have seen firsthand with our condo customer’s small thefts taking place involving mobile phones or pocket money. Some of these girls were taken from known bars and are accountable to the bar but times are tough and these thefts are taking place with more frequency then before.  The condo's have full video security and their image is captured but still this does not seem to be a deterrent as many Thai girls are only thinking of today with no regard to the future or the consequences of their actions. Remember to use the security safe that is in your room.  Registering a girl with security is a fast and painless process...  USE IT !  Remember that Thai mongering in not meant to replace your family but to add a little spice to your life.  Try not to fall in love!!!!!!!!!!
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New Bus Service in Pattaya recommended for the Newbies
"Air conditioned bus service within an affordable price of 20 baht for adult and 10 baht for kids or students.
The routing starts in front of Furama Hotel Jomtien Soi 14, 5 rounds daily from 11.00 hrs as the first round and following by every two hours and the last trip leaves Pattaya Floating Market at 21.10hrs. The last trip on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is on 22.10hrs.
The bus starts from Jomtien Beach Soi 14 – Thappraya – Pattaya Second Road – Dolphin Roundabout – Bus Terminal – back to City Hall – Pattaya Beach Road – Walking Street and back to Thappraya – Jomtien and heading to Pattaya Floating Market to stop there for 20 minutes before heading back to the start point again at Furama Hotel.”
“There are more than 50 stop signs for beach bus along the road. The sign is in red box standing on the pole, easily to find,” added Mr. Suriyon
Pattaya Floating Market is the tourist attraction that supports the beach bus project saying by Mr. Klaus Jurgen, marketing and public relation manager, that it’s a very good opportunity for everyone living here in Pattaya to have beach bus service. This is because the routing links many places of hotel, governmental organization, attraction, transportation, etc. Of course, everyone can get to Pattaya Floating Market easily at affordable price with exceptional service."  Credit given to Pattaya People
Print directions to your hotel or condo in Thai to use for your taxi driver from the airport to Pattaya and in case you get lost while staying here. Dancewatchers gives these out to all of our customers upon request
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