Pattaya Tour Guide Services by Miss Nok:  Miss Nok is a sweet Thai girl that can speak English very well.  She is licensed as a tour guide and can make your Pattaya experience very special. She is not part of dancewatchers 
Pattaya tour guide services by Nok available to travel also
Hello my name is Nok ( which means bird ) and I can be your tour guide to show you around  places that most tourist never see.  I speak excellent English so I will be able to translate Thai into English for you. Maybe this is your first time in Pattaya and you want to see Walking Street or enjoy fine dining. There is so much to see and do in Pattaya just let me know what interests you and we can make it happen.  There are many wonderful islands near by or we can even fly to your dream spot as almost everywhere is only an hour or so by plane.  For local areas we can use my car. 
Pattaya tour guide services by Nok available to travel also
To book my guide services or make an inquiry you can contact me direct using my e-mail as we are not part of dancewatchers
There are so many fun places to visit in Pattaya and they include, The Sancturary of Truth, Big Buddha Hill, Pattaya View Point, The Floating Market in Pattaya, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Walking Street Pattaya, Art in Paradise, Pattaya elephant Village, Under water world, Flight of the Gibbon, Million Year Stone Park, Crocodile Farm, Easy Kart, Monster Aquarium, Vihannra Sien, Silver lake, Mimosa Pattaya, Khao Chi Chan Buddha, Alcazar Cabaret Show, Tiffany's Show, Thai Alangkran Theater, Colosseum Show, Pattaya Sheep Farm, Pattaya Swiss Farm, Pattaya Dolphin World, Snake Show Pattaya, Pipo Pony Club, Nongnooch Gardens
The Sancturary of Truth

Big Buddha Hill, Pattaya View Point

The Floating Market in Pattaya

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Walking Street Pattaya

Art in Paradise

Pattaya elephant Village

Under water world

Flight of the Gibbon

Million Year Stone Park

Crocodile Farm

Easy Kart

Monster Aquarium

Viharn Sien

Silver lake

Mimosa Pattaya

Khao Chi Chan Buddha

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Tiffany's Show

Thai Alangkran Theater

Colosseum Show

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Swiss Farm

Pattaya Dolphin World

Snake Show Pattaya

Pipo Pony Club

Nongnooch Gardens 

Island Tours with Nok 

Upside Down Pattaya

The Sancturary of Truth in Pattaya Thailand guide services by Nok
Big Buddha Hill Pattaya Guide Sevices by Nok
Visit to the Pattaya Floating Market, which is divided into four sections, each representing the four main regions of Thailand - North, Northeast, Central and South. You can find hundreds of shops and vendors selling the local foods and fruits, local products of each region.  These shops are build in Thai wooden houses distributed along the canal of the floating market
Khao Kheow Open Zoo guide services by Nok
Pattaya Walking Street guide services by Nok
Art in Paradise Pattaya guide services by Nok
Pattaya Elephant Village guide servies by Nok
Under Water World Pattaya guide services by Nok
Flight of the Gibbon Pattaya guide services by Nok
Million Year Stone Park Pattaya Guide services by Nok
Crocodile Farm Pattaya guide services by Nok
Go Cart fun in Pattaya by Nok Guide services
Monster Aquarium Pattaya guide services by Nok
Viharn Sien Pattaya guide services by Nok
Silver Lake guide services Pattaya by Nok
Mimosa Pattaya guide services by Nok
Khao Chi Chan is one of tourist places in Chonburi as there is a biggest Buddha image sculpted on the cliff - height: 109 meters, wide: 70 meters , approximately. People usually go there for both seeing and respecting the amazing Buddha image.
will be entertained with music, lip-sings, dances and various shows played by many perfectly beautiful female actresses. If you are unaware of, you cannot imagine that these female actresses were actually male from origin!  One of the greatest show in Asia which is a legend in this a
Pattaya, the jewell of Thailands tourism. Day Turns into night, Where fantasy reigns supreme
Thai Alangkran Theater Pattaya guides services by Nok
Get yourself fulfilled with Thailand's largest and latest cabaret show in Pattaya with full of light, sound, and special effects at Colosseum Show Pattaya. Be entertained by more than 100 beautiful  transgender performers who will perform 16 shows which combine dance theater, latest entertainment technologies, futuristic light and sound system, meticulously designed props, and fabulous costumes. Also, have a chance to take a close up selfie with many beautiful ladyboy performers
Pattaya Sheep Farm guide services by Nok
Pattaya Swiss Farm guide services by Nok
Dolphin world in Pattaya a wonderful place to visit with Miss Nok as your guide
At the Snake Farm you have got a splendid opportunity to see an impressive snake show.Come and see amazing stunts performed by Thai trainers! Only at Snake Farm you will see king cobras, pythons and other dangerous snakes. You will learn how cobra’s venom is collected. For an extra fee you can try exquisite dishes made from cobra’s meat
Pipo Pony Club Pattaya guide services by Nok
Nongnooch Gardens in Pattya tour guide by Nok
The island of Koh Pai features several undisturbed natural beaches with a variety of coral clusters and ocean habitats for the avid snorkelers.
Experience the world upside down with Nok as your guide in Pattaya
When you come to Pattaya I would love to be your guide to places you might never see on your holiday.  If you come with your family I can show you places that your children will love and have so much fun.  If you are coming alone and this might be your first time I can show you Walking Street at night and you will feel safe and secure with my licensed guide serivces.  Contact me soon and begin to enjoy as my rates are very reasonable. No sexual servies are offered.  Come enjoy Pattaya.  I can show you where to get a wonderful relaxing massage as well.  Contact me by e-mail only.  We are not part of dancewatchers so please use this contact email only
Below are a list of places with links you might want to visit while on holiday in Pattaya
Elephant Show

Pattaya shooting Park

ATV Jungle Adventure
Pattaya Elphant Show with your travel guide Miss Nok
Pattaya Shooting Park with Miss Nok
Pattaya ATV Jungle Adventure with your guide Miss Nok
Pattaya tour guide services by Nok available to travel also

Nok can show you the best places to dive.
Nok's underwater adventure
Book a Snorkeling trip with Nok and have your photo taken underwater with all the fish