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Are you searching for a place to retire? Perhaps your looking to spice up your life a little.  Many people choose Pattaya for some of the following reasons.

1.  Your money goes a long way here.  Exchange rate is about 34.5 per dollar
2.   Pattaya is only about 1.5 hours by taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport and offers easy
      Access to all points in Thailand
3.   There are more farangs (western people) here in Pattaya then any other city in
4.   There is so much to do here in Pattaya.  Please view my web page called Fun
      Things in Pattaya.  Navigation link is on the top of this page.
5.   Girls, Girls and more girls!!!! and a big plus is that English is spoken everywhere
6.   You can rent a condo or buy a condo for a much lower price then your home country.
7.   Food from every country is available here and it is inexpensive as well as delicious.
8.   Excellent medical hospitals and services are available and very inexpensive.
9.   One warning, when you come here it will be a life changing experience.  You can
      Apply for a retirement visa here and it only needs to be renewed once a year.

Organizations found here in Pattaya

    * Expats Club of Pattaya - Meets every Sunday.
    * Filipino Community - meets every 1st Sunday
    * Francophone Jean De La Fontaine - French library
    * Free Masons, Lodge Pattaya West Winds - meets every 2nd Saturday
    * Pattaya Bridge Club - meets every Monday
    * Pattaya Business & Tourism Assn (PBTA) - meets every 2nd Thursday.
    * Pattaya Expat Club - meets Sundays at 1100
    * Pattaya Sports Club - clubhouse and facility, member discounts at golf courses
    * Pattaya International Ladies Club - meets first Tuesdays.
    * Pattaya Panthers Rugby Club - plays touch football & rugby Tuesdays from 1800.
    * Rotary Club of Jomtien - Pattaya English language meetings Wednesdays
    * Rotary Club of Pattaya - meets Mondays at Town in Town Hotel.
    * UK Club of Pattaya - has regular meetings, events & functions.

Read what others have to say about their experiences here

Mr. H a young man of 65 from America

I began my retirement in Thailand the second day of April, 2007.  As I write this, it is mid-August, 2008.  In that almost 1 1/2 years living here, I have learned much, laughed daily, and had the single best 16 months of my life.  Perhaps what follows will help the reader reach his own decision as to whether Thailand should be his retirement home.


Still jet lagged, tired beyond tired, I was coming down Soi two and noticed a sauna/massage place.  Definitely NOT high class, but I could not have cared less. I made a guess that services here might be more fully developed than at many others.  Inside I go, get assigned girl, and the massage begins.  Actually the massage itself was great.  Totally surprised at just how good it was.  Her hands gently touched my sensitive areas as she rubbed my legs, so message was both sent and received.  Once massage was done, back and front, she asked if I had a condom. (Another lesson learned.  NEVER, EVER go out, even just to cross the street without at least one condom in your pocket!)  I did have and we proceeded into a nice bit of exercise.  She turned out to be a star fish, but at that point, I just did not really care.  Interesting how fatigue can alter your normal tastes.  And now the amazing part.-- some three hours or so later, the urge to play again hit me.  I’m 63, and going twice in a 24 hour day is a stretch. In three hours? That was just a memory of my teen years.  Anyway, figured I would enjoy a second massage even if the flesh was weak. Back to same place.  Woman (definitely not a girl) assigned this time almost caused me to back out of the deal, but again the fatigue factor altered my normal tastes.  Same deal as before, but if anything the massage was even better.  Once I was on my back, she quickly stripped down, presented all her toys for me to play with at my leisure, inquired about the condom (see lesson learned above) and got things ready in a most delightful and enjoyable manner.  This practitioner got on top, smiled, and placed things into their proper place.  From that point on, it was lay back and enjoy being “ridden like a horse.”  This being time number two, the ride was more than a sprint.  Completely enjoyable from my viewpoint. After we were finished She whispered in my ear, “Take shower?”  At that moment, I actually thought, “Shower, hell!  I am going to need help just getting off this table.”  There was not a muscle in my body that wanted to do anything except just lay there.  Noi was truly an oldie but goody.  (Went back last night once I saw her inside. Picked her out and off we go again.  Second time was even better than the first.  She could teach the go-go dancers some moves.)  Oh, the cost?  As she explained it to me, you give me 1000 baht, I pay boss for your massage (250), and I keep 750 baht.  Works for me.  Hell, have paid more than that for just a massage that was not as good.


Obviously one of the first things any retiree wants to know is “What is it going to cost me to live there?”  Answer - it depends.  There are those who daily drop small fortunes as they go about life in paradise, and there are those who barely make it to the end of the month with baht still in their wallet.  I have put some personal figures below.  Nothing special about them - just my own level of happiness.  I could spend a lot more, I could get by on a lot less.  As this is written, the dollar brings in about 34 baht at the banks.  If you do not use dollars, go to any number of internet sites to get your particular exchange rate.  Figures are in baht.

Condo rent (25 floor, beach view, fully furnished, 24 hour room service)                18000
Utilities (water and electricity.  I run the air conditioner close to 24 hours per day)  2300
Number One Lady monthly payment                                                                              5000
Major health insurance (bought at age 64, will drop me at age 70)                            5600
Savings (annual/semi-annual trip to the states)                                                          13200
Daily play money (covers all not listed above - food, laundry, LADIES, etc.)          60000

This 104,000 baht monthly would be far too low for some, an extravagance for others.  For me, I am able to use the 2000 baht per day play money to get ALL the female company I desire, far too much food (I have put on weight since getting here), do some travel to other places in Thailand, and so on.  It is fairly common for me to NOT spend the allotted 2000 baht per day.  And then there are days where I go over - sometimes way over.  I keep an Excel spreadsheet of my expenditures, and would highly recommend that any retiree do his own version, especially for the first year or so.  Getting to the end of the month with no money has caused more than one farang to take the final plunge from a high building.  That is not why you wanted to retire here - budget, and keep a record so we never read about you as that month’s unhappy man.


I could write far more than you would read about the incredible, wonderful, daily bits of life in Thailand.  Each day is an adventure, a laugh, and yes, a bit of paradise on earth…..

I am unable to even think of another location where these recent events might occur.....

Yesterday -- no, let's start with last week. It will become evident why this is necessary.

Last week my BKK (Bangkok) lady was in town again for some extra money. She has a good job in BKK, speaks Thai, English, Japanese, but still comes to Pattaya for a bit of overtime earnings on many weekends. Great body, unusual face (there is a farang in her ancestry somewhere), and LOVES the camera. When she came to the condo, she had a friend in tow. Hmmmm, unexpected threesome. The add on lady was named Wan.

And now to yesterday. I was going to the computer center for a USB memory drive. As is often the case these days, I was the only passenger on my baht bus. Sitting in the taxi I
was completely oblivious to the world. Traffic had come to a stop and I was off somewhere in an old man's mental fog when I realized someone was rubbing my arm. Finally coming back to reality, I jumped and looked behind me. There I saw two lovelies on a motorbike also forced to stop. The back seat rider was the one so softly giving my arm a massage. I smiled and laughed, she did likewise. "Where you go?" she asked.

Had to tell her I was off to the computer store. Just could not make a detour for her charms. However.........

As I was returning from the center, my phone rang. Heavily accented lady said she wanted to come by at 1:00. I thought it was Wan. I had taken some pictures of her during the above described visit, and she had asked me to get prints for her. I had these in the condo. "Okay, 1:00 I meet you in lobby." Discussion continued for a few minutes with all kinds of language difficulties, but meet at one was finally established.

I was almost to the condo when my phone rang again. "I come now?" Told her that famous Pattaya line, "Up to you." She was on the way. I did not want to see her again (one of my few disappointments -- just too hard and jaded.) so went to condo, got pictures, and then down to lobby to wait.

I noticed two young beauties walk in the entrance. Just mentally noted their appeal and figured somebody upstairs was in for a good time. Wan, the photo lady had not yet arrived.

They walked slowly into lobby, finally were in front of me. "I think I call you?" delivered as a question.


To wrap this up, I had been talking to them, not the photo lady.

How did they get my number as I had never seen/spoken to them before? All my ingrained western culture warning flags went up. Who are these ladies? How did they get my number? Why were they calling me? I was relieved to see that no Thai man was lurking in the back ground, but I was more than wary.

I asked them to join me on the sofa -- no way was I going to the condo until I had some of these questions answered. As the very difficult conversation gradually moved along, I tried to find out if they were there just to pick up the pictures of Wan. I opened the package and showed the prints to the closest visitor.

"She say call you." she uttered, but she was pointing to the BKK lady, NOT Wan. "Friend say you like two ladies."

Ahhh, the light bulb finally turns on in my retiree's brain. Turns out BKK had contacted these ladies as a favor to both me and them. A threesome referral! Life is good.

Gentle arm rub from a stranger in a traffic jam, great price on the USB drive, and home delivery of a surprise threesome. All in all a pretty good day in Pattaya. Could this even approach happening anywhere but here......

500 baht each, 30 for the taxi to/from, 850 for the USB drive, and I still have not spent my daily 2000 baht.

Damn! I love this place.



The ladies.  Make that THE LADIES

Both numerous and excellent golf courses - with Thai lady caddies!  (I do not play, but talk to many who would not even consider living anywhere that did not offer golf.)

The ladies

Excellent and CHEAP medical care.  Fully equal or surpassing the level of care in the states - and without having to wait two weeks or more for an appointment.

The ladies

Huge expat community.  Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, English, Canadians, Russians, Germans, they, and others, are here in large numbers.  You will not feel alone unless by choice.  Oh, almost forgot - fair number of Scots also, but they speak English with a brogue that can only be understood by another Scot.    Great guys, always happy, but have no idea whatsoever they are talking to me about.  I just nod and smile……

The ladies (Are you beginning to see a pattern here?)

SEA FOOD!  Love it, and it is abundant and cheap.  Once you get here and get settled, have a Thai lady cook a meal for you.  A true bit of gourmet heaven.

The ladies

LOTS of ATMs.  Getting at/to your money is almost too easy.

And on and on - the list of pros could fill pages.


Opps!  Almost forgot - the Cons

Won’t buy one.
Won’t rent one.
Won’t ride one.
They scare me.  ‘Nuff said.

Bitchers - As in, “Why the hell do the do it that way?  That is not the way we do it in ____________ “  (insert name of appropriate country here)  OF COURSE IT IS NOT THE WAY WE DO IT BACK HOME.  THIS IS THAILAND!  If you wanted things the way they do it back home, in reality, shouldn’t you have just stayed there?  Come here with a positive attitude, a smile on your face, and I promise that you too will have the best time of your life. 

Uh, that is about it for the cons.  If I come up with some more, I’ll let you know.

Now if you will excuse me, it is almost 1700.  I still have about 1700 baht to spend for today.  Wonder which lovely will help me to dispose of it in a bit of glorious debauchery once the sun sets?

Retire to Thailand?  You cannot do it too quickly.  Once you get here, you owe me a drink.

Mr. M 56 year old American

My first visit to Thailand was during the war and I was stationed at a place called Udorn.  There was a huge USAF base there and I spent 8 months working on the flight line.  It was soon oblivious that I would learn to love this place that was filled beautiful Thai girls.  The roads were all red dirt and at the end of work I would walk the dirt roads of this expending town and stop at one of the many massage houses along the way.  Inside I found a selection of about a dozen  pretty Thai massage girls with numbers pinned on their chests.  I would pick a few numbers and they would take me to a room with a huge bathtub.  I would get a long hot bath followed by a wonderful Thai massage and what ever else I wanted for a few hundred baht.
For the next 30 years I never forgot this wonderful place and the smiles the pretty Thai girls would give you hence Thailand’s name, “The Land of Smiles ".
I made many return visits starting around the year 2000.  At this time my wife became ill with terminal cancer.  We both traveled to Thailand and the medical care offered in Bangkok was excellent and cheap.  She died the following year so I was faced with a choice, do I live in the snowy east coast with a huge house, move to Florida with a bunch of old folks or do I return to Thailand and live a very exciting life style.  I made the no brainier choice and sold everything I had and made the final trip to the Land of Smiles with 2 full suitcases.  I bought a condo in Pattaya with a sea view for 1.6 million baht which at that time was 38,000 US dollars and settled into retirement.  I have met several Thai girls and have had nice long term relationships with them but I will settle down with Miss Tik who is the girl featured in this website. We will be married in October.
I have been here for about 8 years and have bought and sold several condos here in Pattaya.  My life here is wonderful.  I live in a very nice condo with an excellent sea view, and it is a quiet and very safe place. Miss Tik just turned 26 and looks after all my needs. She does not have a problem if I want to get out and explore and enjoy the company of another lady for a few hours.  She is a university graduate with a English major and runs the condo rental business.  Looking back at my decision to move and retire here I must say I have NO regrets.  If you’re at home somewhere in the world and think you are too old to enjoy life
again all I have to say is that YOU ARE SO WRONG.  If you hang around old people who act old then you become old.  My friends here in Thailand are also retired and range in age from 40 to 79 and every one of them seems to enjoy life to the fullest.  Let’s be honest, if you are not in Thailand what is the age range of the girls you have to choose from? ( 40, 50, 60 )  Wake up; why not enjoy life with a 20-30 year old Thai girl who will bring you back to life.  If you have never visited Thailand do it now.  You first visit here to Pattaya will be a life changing experience.  If you’re thinking you do not have enough money most of you will be wrong.  It does not take a lot of money to live here.  Your dollar, euro, pesos or what ever currency you use will go a very long way here.

Pattaya, Thailand Retirement!
By John Galt

es, you CAN retire on $50USD a day!

Although it may be crass to say, MONEY is everything in this world-by having money, you have the FREEDOM to do most anything you want. You're fortunate to live in the West where you have the opportunity to earn and save sufficient capital to last a lifetime. Even if you don't have a lot, most Western countries' governments will guarantee a monthly income (pension) of around $1,000 (USD) beginning in your early 60s.

And while not much in your home town, it is A LOT in Pattaya, Thailand.

Here's what I mean:

Sample monthly budget based on $50 day-

Housing (including ALL utilities)-$300
Misc/Everything else-$500

Not bad, eh! 1/3 of your budget is going towards entertainment which is A LOT of SANOOK (fun) in Pattaya!

While our budget of $50 a day exceeds the $1,000 monthly pension mentioned, a little tweaking in the entertainment or miscellaneous categories could bring it in-line. Or, having $100,000 in savings at 6% yields $500 per month thus putting you at the $50 figure.

Note that didn't factor a 'separate' travel fund for the annual trip back to your home country. Inevitably you'll need to back, so ensure you plan for it.

Now if you're too young for a pension, their is hope!

If have around $350,000USD saved, you've hit the mark, assuming a 6% return on your money.

And DON'T be discouraged if you're too young for a pension and short on money--consider 'semi-retirement'.

Make a plan to spend six months or so a year in Pattya, Thailand and the balance working in your home country. This is the 'having your cake and eating it too' strategy!
Pattaya 1965
Pattaya 2008

Best place to retire!  Pattaya is an excellent choice for retirement.  Pattaya is a very popular tourist destination and more and more Europeans, Americans and other nationalities are finding Thailand as a better alternative to the crowded Spanish coasts and the expensive Caribbean as a place to retire to. The excellent weather in Pattaya, High quality inexpensive health care, The dentists are known to be among the best in the world, with prices far less than those in Europe or North America and no waiting lists. Indeed, some tourists come here and pay for their holiday with the money saved on dentist fees,  very affordable housing prices, beautiful Thai ladies that are so willing to please, Thai massage at 400 baht for two hours, huge selection of day and night time actives to choose from and of course the low cost of living are just some of the reasons people decide to retire here. Come for a visit and find out for yourself.  See what you have been missing!!!! Please view my Tips for newbies found on this website. Retire to Thailand and live in the luxury resort town of Jomtien in one of Dancewatchers sea view condos, only 1.5 hours drive from the airport. Close to the shops and right next to the beach. Well serviced by public transport and only a few minutes from Pattaya and the legendary shopping and nightlife. Your utilities including service charge, electric and water should cost no more than 2,000 Baht / month for a studio room or a 1 bedroom unit 3,000 / baht / month and that is using the Air-con most of the time.  Contact us at and let us help you with your retirement plans.  My name is Tik and it will be a pleasure to serve you.

View Talay 2 building A is Wheel Chair Friendly with a ramp leading up to the main doors and large lifts to transport you to your floor.


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Tik's Rooms.... My name is Tik and  I am your contact person and operator of this Co - Op. There are many different owners in this Co - Op.  If you wish to become an owner just let me know.  Dancewatchers only sponsers this website. Come inside and explore.
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The cost for this type of service is only a few handsome man coupons but can you think of a better way to live.
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Click here for more retirement information
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     Retirement Visa
If you are older than 50 years and have a minimum deposit of 800,000 THB on a local Thai bank account or you can show an income certificate stating a monthly income of not less than 65,000 Baht (respectively a combination of bank deposit and income) then you qualify for a One-year Non-immigrant visa type "O-A", often referred to as a "retirement visa".
Holders of this type of visa will be
admitted to stay in Thailand for one year, no visa-runs are required to renew the permission of stay, however, you will have to report to your local immigration office every ninety days. If you have applied for a single-entry visa only but want to leave the country before your visa expires, you'll have to obtain a "re-entry permit" from a Thai immigration bureau each time you leave the Kingdom as otherwise your permission for a one-year stay would be considered void. So if you enjoy travelling or have to return back to your home country frequently, you better apply for a multiple-entry visa instead. Please contact your local Thai embassy or consulate in order to find out if you qualify for a Non-Immigrant visa category "O-A" and enquire about the documents required for a successful visa application.
An alternative type of a "one-year" retirement visa,
Non-immigrant type "O", entitles the visa holder to stay in Thailand for a maximum period of 3 months or - more precisely - 90 days. In case of a multiple-entry visa, the visa holder is required to leave Thailand every 90 days in order to renew his permission
of stay for another 90 days. Multiple-entry visa are valid for one year.
Update October 2007: New "retirement visa" applicants will have to reconfirm their status of income and submit a new income letter every year in order to renew their 1-year permission of stay. Old income letters shall be no longer accepted.
First-time applicants who qualify for a "retirement visa" on the grounds of an 800,000 THB deposit on their Thai bank accounts (and no additional income) are required to keep this amount on their accounts for at least three months before visa application.
For a list of required documents when applying for a visa extension, please visit the website of the
Pattaya Immigration bureau
Please note that
employment is strictly prohibited with these kinds of visa.
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Are you sick and tired with the high cost of living in the USA, UK or Europe?  What about the high taxes and your selection pool of women.  Escape to Thailand and enjoy a life style fit for a King with an unbelievable low cost of living.  Retirement in a resort condominium property at such a low cost that it will leave you with real spendable cash for whatever your mind can think of and I mean just about anything!  It’s not a dream it’s a real alternative life to the dull and expensive one you have now. Join the 1,000’s of foreigners who have discovered the incredible luxuries and lifestyle on offer in Thailand.
If you’re 50 or more, if so you can stay in Thailand on a 1 year renewable visa, provided you have a pension income* or money on deposit in a Thai bank**.
You can own a home a car or rent a home or car if you prefer. You can have first class medical cover and health care, you can enjoy the company of the beautiful Thai women or men, you can even do your shopping in western owned super stores if you can’t do without you western diet.
When you hold a retirement visa you are required to report to the Immigration office every 90 days and complete a form stating your current address and phone number. You will also have to provide proof of your address, it takes just a few minutes and a confirmation receipt is attached to your passport.
Before your year ends you apply to renew your visa for another 12 months. Which involves paying a fee of 1,900 baht, You will also need a Thai bank statement showing at least 800,000 baht, which has to have been on deposit for at least 90 days before your application or a letter from your Embassy of verification of income which amounts to 800,000 baht or more. Obtaining this letter is very easy.  You just tell the clerk how much you make per year and she will fill out the form. They will then ask you if this is true and of course you say yes. You pay the fee for the letter and bring it with you when you apply for the retirement visa extension.  You also will need to provide 4 current passport sized photos but there is a copy shop in the Thai immigration office that will provide you with photos and copies of any documents you might require. Provided you supply all these documents correctly you should receive your new visa on the same day.
If you have a Retirement Visa and you decide to leave Thailand you must obtain a re-entry permit either single entry or multiple entries... A single entry permit is approximately 1,000 baht or about US$30. If you leave and do not obtain a re-entry permit then your retirement visa will expire and won’t be valid on re-entry.
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