Pattaya Flying Club
Racing School Pattaya
Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm in Pattaya
Under Water World Pattaya
Parasailing is available almost everywhere
The  excursion starts at the office of the Company at the end of Walking street, shaped in a Submarine and yellow colours. Then after a one minute drive to the actual Pattaya Pier you disembark on a small boat that brings you to a raft/jetty that is the docking station for the Submarine. Once you get in a couple of minutes later the dive begings and you find yourself under the Pattaya Sea, where you can enjoy local underwater world, also a diver comes to say hello showing you some amazing shells and other submarine life. The whole excursion should take about two hours. Very nice for children also.
Pattaya's  Paintball
Thepprasit Road
Tel: (038) 300-608
Pattaya Badminton Courts on Soi 17 are open 1400-2400 daily. There are four courts, 1 km from Pattaya II Road. Hourly rates: Bt60 per hour, racquet rentals Bt20, shuttlecocks Bt25. Contact is Payung. Members fee Bt500 month. tel. +66-38425397 / +66-38429532

Established in 1999, with an objective to be the first-class outdoor shooting range in Pattaya and the eastern region, Pattaya Shooting Park is conveniently located at Soi Wat Huay-Yai only a short drive from downtown Pattaya and provides modern facilities with high standard weapons and equipment. Shooters and visitors can enjoy and relax in our recreational areas: air-con rooms and an outdoor space near the lake in the natural surroundings. With our high standard facilities and weapons, complete safety is guaranteed here.
After continuously receiving a great favourable response from shooters, The Pirates of Pattaya has changed its name to Pattaya Shooting Park to cover a wider range of activities added for shooters and visitors’ enjoyment. Nonetheless, shooting is still the key activity at Pattaya Shooting Park. And we continue to provide the best and most modern shooting range in Pattaya and even in the whole eastern region.

Fitness Centers
Central Pattaya Gym
,Pratamnak Road (next to Central Pattaya Hotel) tel. +66-38364573 /80. A small non-aircon weights-orientated gym, open daily 08:00-23:00; 60 baht/day, 250 baht/week, 700 baht/month (includes limited free use of swimming pool),
Sitpholek World Class Fitness Centre,217/10 Sukhumvit Road (North Pattaya); tel. +66-99345001 (English) / +66-95055840 (Thai) / attached to a Muay Thai (Thai boxing) centre, friendly and helpful staff, air-con. Open daily 09:00-00:00; 120 baht/day, 400 baht/week, 600 baht/fortnight, Tony's Gym & Muay Thai Academy,Third Road (340/6 - two blocks north of the junction withPattaya South Road); tel. +66-38414058 /9. Modern air-con gym oriented more towards the body-building brigade, also offers spa/sauna/steam room & "Japanese style" massage as well as Muay Thai training facilities. Open 24/7; prices 150 baht/visit, 790 baht/week, 1290 baht/2weeks
California Wow Avenue Complex located on Pattaya Second Road.
Pattaya Windsurfing :
October through June are the best months for professionals. Beginners have a better opportunity to get started when the winds are light during the morning.
There are about 20 surf schools, mostly on Jomtien Beach with Surf House International being one of the most popular. Winds vary throughout the year from 5 km in the morning
with stiffer sea breezes in the late afternoon. International tourneys are held in early December the Siam World Cup with national races is usually held in mid-April.
The Pattaya Wind-surfing Club on Jomtien Beach specialises in funboard surfing.
Pattaya Kart SpeedwayChonburi

Pattaya Kart Speedway is the oldest and most established go-kart racing circuit in Pattaya. Truly a place to go if you have aspirations towards being a racing driver… there really isn’t anything like it. The 800-metre track weaves in and out, taking your driving skills to the limit. But if the regular vehicles don’t get you there, try a Super Kart! The site has every angle covered - there’s a 400-metre track offering vehicles with double-seats so you can take one of your kids with you and there are a number of off-road options to enjoy as well.
Details: Vehicles with a 4-stroke engine cost 500 Baht a shot on the 800-metre ‘Professional Track’.
Contact:  Pattaya Kart Speedway Co., Ltd.
248/2 Moo 12 Soi Thepprasit Tel: 08-1938-0982 or 038-842-204
The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya was constructed according to ancient Thai ingenuity and every square inch of the building is covered with wooden carve sculpture. The purposes of decoration with wooden carve sculptures are to use art and culture as the reflection of Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy. With in this complex. There are also Dolphin trainning shows in the sanctuary of truth. The only unique place in Pattaya where you can dine and watch the magnificent world's largest artistry wooden castle loacated on the seashore of the Pattaya City ,Chonburi and Thai classical dance show, at it best in a cool, breezy open-air. A must see when you visit Pattaya.  Click the photo to visit their website
Fun things to do while on Holiday in Pattaya
Fun in Pattaya: Here is a list of fun things to do while on your vacation here in Pattaya. There is more to do here in Pattaya then just the night life. For the adventurous tourist there is a great range of exciting activities to choose from including the sites listed on this page. New fun things to do in Pattaya are added each week. Thailand’s Pattaya the original tourist resort is a hearty mix of naughty nightlife, great restaurants, sunny beaches, curious attractions, family-friendly leisure parks and good value shopping. Just one and a half hours from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, this lively town is a multi-cultural destination with menus from German, Thai, English, Dutch, French, Russian, Swedish, Italy well to make it simple just about everywhere. It’s a popular fun weekend from Bangkok.
Pattaya Beer Bars is another choice for some day time fun. Some say they number in the thousands and can be found just about anywhere here in Pattaya, Jomtien or Naklua. Pattaya Beer Bars are open air bars with a number of girls acting as hostesses that will do almost anything to get your attention. There is a very large expat population living here and you can find a lot of them in the Beer Bars for very good reasons. The bars are fun and not expensive as a rule. Many of the expats choose  retirement here in Pattaya because of the excellent opportunities and values you can find here. The best time to visit Pattaya which is called the peak or high season is from November to March when the sun shines most and the air is dry. Sometimes the temperature may dip down to around 70 degrees and you will see the little Thai girls running around with their coats on. If on the other hand you don't mind a little hot temperature and some rain the low season might be the best value for you as your holiday will cost you less and that is true for my dancewatchers condo rooms as well.  If you are home and board you might want to visit Pattaya for a holiday.  I will tell you now that it will be a life changing event!!!!

Bottle Art Museum Pattaya is one of the leading tourist attractions in Pattaya. It is a unique one of its kind and an essential part of sightseeing in Pattaya. Actually Bottle Art Museum Pattaya is the only bottle art museum in the entire world. Bottle Art Museum Thailand has successfully exhibited some unique things all organized in a large air-conditional hall. Inside the museum one can find more than 300 beautiful miniatures in the bottles. All the structures reside in individual bottles of various colors.  All the bottles in different colors with different types of lights reflecting on their walls add special grandeur to the place. The bottles contain models of interesting places in the world. This concept of bottling up of things has added new ideas in many tourists also who have been reported to experience more with real practice by trying to do it by themselves. The museum features the work of the Dutch master Peter Bedelais and his Thai wife. Open daily from 10.a.m. until 8 p.m. The entrance fees are Baht 100.- for Thais and Baht 150.- for foreigners  as well as Baht 50.- for children. Location: The Bottle Art Museum is located directly at the Sukhumvit Highway at Kilometre 145.95 right after the turn-off of Sukhumvit Soi 61 in central Pattaya (direction towards Sattahip/Rayong). From the junction of Central Pattaya Road and Sukhumvit Highway it is only 300 Metres to the museum. Due to the two huge signposts on the roadside the museum can hardly be missed.  Phone number is   0-3842-2957.  There website has expired.
Mit dem eigenen Fortbewegungsmittel, aber auch mit einem Bahtbus, ist das Flaschenkunst Museum leicht zu erreichen. Auch die Rückfahrt mit einem Bahtbus von der Einmündung Central Pattaya Road in den Sukhumvit Highway ist kein Prob-lem, da genügend Bahtbusse stadteinwärts fahren.
Ripley's Believe it or Not! Pattaya
Click here for there website
Scorpion Muay thai Gym Pattaya Thailand from nightly room rentals
Scorpion Muay Thai Gym has been established as a Muay Thai boxing gym in Pattaya, Thailand since 2003.
Since November 2007 Scorpion gym opened a new gym with 2 big rings and optimal ventilation.
We always have a multi cultural mix of male and female students, that speak a verity of languages. Our trainers at Scorpion Muay Thai Gym all speak and understand the English language and the management at the gym are speaking English, Dutch, French, German,and Thai language so communication is never an issue at Scorpion Muay Thai Gym.

Everyone at the gym is given equal amount of attention from the trainers regardless of their sex, age or martial arts skill level. Most foreign students travel to Scorpion Muay Thai Gym on their own, Everyone at the gym is very sociable & new friends are made quickly at Scorpion Muay Thai Gym.

Scorpion Muay Thai Boxing School is open to all levels of muaythai students from novice to amateur to pro-class. Scorpions's instructions are designed to work for everyone’s needs.
Scorpion Muay Thai Boxing School is very popular with both male and female enthusiasts from around the world who train for fitness, competition, motivation, weight loss, learn self defense, and a variety of other reasons.
The Pattaya Bridge Club now meets at The Bowling Green, Soi Fuengfa (Soi Xyte), between Soi Boukhao and No 3 rd. Pattaya bridge club was founded in 1994 and has played every week since then.
An unforgettable balloon trip above the fascinating hinterland of Pattaya. Come with us for a trip over pineapple fields, palm trees and some of the numerous temples that contrast beautifully with the green landscape. When we land you will notice that balloon travel is still relatively uncommon in Thailand. Within minutes we are usually surrounded by a crowd of friendly and inquisitive people: a perfect backdrop for your holiday photographs.

A balloon exploration of Thailand, the land full of surprises and contrasts, is an experience reserved for only a few. If you wish, you can soon be a member of this exclusive circle. Just click the photo above for their website
October through March are considered the best months for deep sea fishing in the waters off Pattaya Bay. As a rule, fishing is good just before and just after the new moon. Normally during the summer months the local waters get so hot the big game fish like the large Sailfish and the large Marlin leave the area. They start to return in late September when the monsoon rains begin and the water begins to cool off.
                    Fun Things to do In Pattaya, Nakula and Jomtien
Golf, Pattaya Bungy Jump, Pattaya Jet Ski, Pattaya Scuba Diving, Jomtien bannana boat, Nakula Deep Sea Fishing, Pattaya Sports, Pattaya Racing, Jomtien Go Carts, Aerodium  Bangkok Horse Racing and betting, Pattaya tiger zoo, Pattaya Paint ball
"Golf in Pattaya can totally spoil you for returning home. You can play golf at a different course every day of a two week holiday and you still won't play all the international standard courses within an hour drive of Pattaya.
Many of Pattaya's courses are Country Clubs that have been designed by Nicklaus, Faldo, Thompson, Wolderidge, Dye and Trent Jones.
Expect manicured greens, raked traps and real live caddies. Courses in The Kingdom, especially on weekdays, tend to be much less crowded that what one sees in the west. And if you are a twosome, you can often play as a twosome.
The Siam Country Club was buit 27 years ago and has been one of the best known courses since, home to several international tournaments. 2006 it has been closed for a complete restoration and reopened only in March 2007. It has a great new layout, well maintained fairways and challenging placed bunkers are demanding a lot from the player. There is a small stream leading through the course, meeting with 6 holes"
Average Greens fees around Pattaya:           Club rental:                    Shoes & Umbrella:
Bt 400 - 1,000 weekday;                                       Bt 400 - 600.                   Bt 100 each.
Bt 600 - 1,700 weekend. Caddy fees:       
Bt 150 - 500. Power cart:                              
Bt 500 - 600.                                                

                   Parasailing in Pattaya
You are lifted up into the air and begin floating over the the Pattaya sea and then suddenly you find yourself dropping suddenly and lowered until you dip your feet into the water. You start shouting, you think you are going down with the chute and wishing you had taken water sking lessons. Something is wrong. That’s when you rise up again, shivering, into the air as you jump to over a 100 feet in a flash. “You are now flying over the Pattaya sea and watching the beach line for pretty girls of which there are hundreds. That’s Parasailing in Pattaya. To find this sport just go to the beach and ask any beach vendor.
Pattaya Jet Ski
You can find Jet Skis up and down the Pattaya beaches from Jomtien, Pattaya to Nakula.  Vendors for this sport are very numerous and prices vary from the length of time you wish to rent the Jet Ski to the size of the Jet Ski. I think it would be fair to say that the average price should be about 600 baht per a 30 minute time slot for a medium size jet ski and more for one of the larger units. My advice to you is to take a hard look at the spot you are renting from so you will be able to identify that location to return the Jet Ski to.  You are responsible for any damages to the Jet Ski so look the unit over before renting.
Be very careful of Jet Ski Scammers.  Read more about this in my Tips for Newbies
Pattaya Central Festival Mall has opened the doors and offers almost everything including, shopping, bowling, 10 Movies theaters, dozens of fine restaurants, Grocery store and electronics.  This Shopping Mall is located right next to the View Talay 6 condominium on Beach Road Pattaya
The Floating Market Pattaya is conveniently located just off Sukhumvit Road, south of Jomtien and only 10kms from Central Pattaya.
If you coming from either Pattaya, Bangkok or Sattahip you will find a very extensive main road and motorway system with the Floating Market clearly sign posted along all the main routes.  Some 80 boats will be on standby to ferry tourists around the compound linked by a network of canals. The compound also features model farms, sunflower fields and a museum, due to open later, where on show will be rare pieces of crafted wooden products, and after dark there will be troupes performing dances native to the four regions of the country. There is no entrance fee and the market opens daily from 10am to 11pm

Pattaya Minigolf Club
18-hole minigolf course, situated at the Nova Lodge Hotel on Pattaya Beach Road/ junction with Pattaya Klang.
Open from 9.00-1.00 h. 140 THB/ player.
The Minigolf Pub
Thappraya Road, up the hill to Jomtien. 18-hole minigolf course set within a tropical garden with shady trees and ponds. Air-con restaurant, refreshments available.
Open from 10 h till late/ 23 h. 100 THB/ player.
038296556 or 038339111
Visit the Pattaya Island of Koh Sichang
Pattaya Go Karting Bali Hai
Pattaya Golf and country Clubs from nightly Pattaya condo rentals
Now you can enjoy all that Flight of the Gibbon™ has to offer in the grand, ancient forests of Chonburi! Situated just 1 hour outside of Bangkok and 50 minutes from Pattaya Beach at Khao Kheeo, Chonburi, this wonderful site offers easy and convenient access for fun seekers from both destinations.
Flight of the Gibbon Adventure Tour features Thailand's longest zip-line, over 300 meters! The entire course will be over 3 kilometers in length and will have 26 platforms.
Flight of the Gibbon Adventure Tour Chiang Mai™ is a unique zip line canopy tour through pristine, 1500 year old rainforest outside of Chiang Mai. 18 platforms, skybridges and lowering stations connect 2km of zip lines that take you through different layers of the rainforest canopy. Flight of the Gibbon™ is also very active in rainforest restoration and primate rehabilitation projects in the area.
Click on the photo to go to there website
  Pattaya Outdoor Market
Aerodium Pattaya. Easy Kart Pattaya has teamed up with Thailand’s first Aerodium,which simulates skydiving by propelling thrillseekers up to 10 metres into the air,at the Easy Kart track at the Bali Hai Pier complex
Pattaya Elephant Village is a must place to visit.  Rent a room from us by the night, nightly Pattaya and Jomtien Condo Rentals. Enjoy the freedom and savings.  Tik
Pattaya Dolphin world  Swim with the dolphins and enjoy the show from nightly Pattaya condo rentals
Skydive Pattaya from nightly Pattaya and Jomtien Condo Rentals
Skydive in Thailand from nightly condo rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien  VT6 and VT2A
Pattaya Bungy Jump from dancewatchers nightly condo rentals in Jomtien and Pattaya
Pattaya Jungle Bungy Jump
Scuba Dive and Snorkeling in Pattaya from nightly Pattaya and Jomtien condo rentals
Pattaya Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.  Learn to Scuba Dive in ONE DAY
Go Cart Racing Pattaya  from dancewatchers Pattaya and Jomtien nightly condo rentals
Pattaya Racing from Tik's nightly condo rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien at VT6, VT5 and VT2A.  Contact us at
A must to visit is the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Pattaya by nightly condo rentals
Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Pattaya
Million years stone park and crocodile farm in Pattaya is a fun place to visit. nightly Pattaya and Jomtien condo rentals
Bali Hai Pier Karts in Pattaya a very fun place to drive from Tik's nightly Pattaya Luxury condo rentals from
Tiger Zoo Pattaya.  See the tiger shows and have your photo taken with a baby tiger from ngihtly Pattya room rentals
Pattaya Windsurfing.  Enjoy a few hours Wind Surfing off the Pattaya and Jomtien beaches from nightly Pattaya condo rentals with Tik
Pattaya Submarine tour from Pattaya nightly room rentals from
Pattaya Shooting and adventure Park from Tik's Pattaya nightly room rentals. contact us at
10 Pin Bowling fun at  Central Festival Shopping Mall in Pattaya  from nightly condo rentals
10 Pin Bowling fun at  Central Festival Shopping Mall in Pattaya
Tony's Fitness Center Jomtien near View Talay 2 building A from and Tik's ngihtly condo rentals
Thepprasit Outdoor night market has hundreds of sales tents selling everything from Thai food, bugs, pets, sexy clothes, electronics, phones, Thai goods, Thai massages, pet fish, Ice cold drinks, old Thai money, Thai stamps and coins, Thai souvenirs, bikini’s, swords, shoes, towels and everything you might think of. This market from time to time also hosts entertainment shows
The market is found on The Sukhumvit Road  end of Thepprasit road and runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Jomtien. 
Hundreds of very cute pretty Thai girls roam the grounds looking for bargains and falongs / Farangs. There is even a beer bar where you can sit and watch the action.  A must see while you vacation here in Thailand

Ripley's Believe it or not in Pattaya from nightly room rentals
Mini Siam in Pattaya.  A fun place to visit and take photos from nightly condo rentals
Click here to visit Mini Siam
It must be quit impressive to visit Mini Siam after dark, when all the miniatures are illuminated. But this is also the time when most tourbuses unload plenty of sightseeing hungry tourists. If you like to enjoy all the beauties leisurely you may be better off in daytime.
Flight of the Gibbon Rainforest adventure Pattaya.  While on holiday consider staying in a condo rather then a hotel and enjoy the savings and freedom.  Contact us at   We offer nightly room rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien
Thai Balloons rides in Pattaya from nightly condo rentals
Pattaya Central Festival Mall shopping next to VT6   Stay next to this giant shopping mall and book a nightly condo rental with us in View Talay 6 Pattaya Beach from
Pattaya Floating Market.  For your Pattaya holiday stay with us.  Nightly condo rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien offer you compete freedom and security from nightly condo rentals
Art In Paradise
The Art in Paradise Interactive Museum, was the brainchild of the Korean businessman Shin Jae Yeoul, who together with ten other artists reclaimed an old nightclub and turned it into one of Thailand’s most original tourist attractions.
The museum is split into ten different zones, which range from the mind-boggling effects of the Camouflage room, with its magic eye style pictures designed to trick and confuse, to the scenic murals featuring animals, dinosaurs and forests.
The most popular thing to do is to have your picture taken standing ‘inside’ one of the paintings. The effect is amazingly lifelike, and your holiday snaps will be enhanced with pictures of you posing as an angel, feeding the elephants or peering into a deep canyon.

The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya Thailand is a must place to visit.  Stay with us on your holiday in Pattaya.  Nightly condo and room rentals from
Also available are Ultra Luxury V.I.P. Rooms to make your Pattaya vacation one that you will never forget. Studio's and one bedroom untis available by the night or monthly in View Talay 6 Pattaya Beach or View Talay 2A Jomtien. Optional Pattaya Maid Service is offered, Pattaya motorbike rentals, Thai phone rentals, Computer Laptop rentals and so much more is offered from  For the very best try our Red Rose option.  Do you have to work while on holiday try our business and pleasure room combination.  Are you a Party man? We have the perfect Party Room rental for you