Dancewatchers Pattaya Room Rentals..

Reasons to choose Dancewatchers

We are a registered Thai company

We register your stay with immigration so you are in full complience

We provide rental contracts if you require them to extend your stay

We speak English

We are a full service agency,  maid, motorbike rentals, guides  etc

We have Internet in all of our rooms

We will provide a detailed room quote before you book if requested

We offer 24 hour check in services

We offer a wide range of rooms for all budgets

We have our Air Conditioning units cleaned regularly

We offer very responsive problem solving

We offer a very easy booking service and provide a check in voucher

We offer trust and enjoy a solid positive reputation from our customers

We offer a room safe in each condo as well as internet

We offer airport transfers

We do not require room deposits for short stays and room deposits for monthly customers are LOW and we always return them minus any room charges before you check out in cash!!!!
We offer easy payment systems from PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfers, Cash. You can pay your booking depoist or your remaining balance using all of the above. We do not take credit cards at check in and all check in funds are due at the time of arrival. Credit cards of course are accepted using PayPal and other methods.  Using PayPal you will be subjected to PayPal fees

The common law of business practice prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It can’t be done! If you deal with the lowest bidder you may be very disappointed. We may not be the cheapest in town but we offer excellent accommodations and value for your hard earned money. After all this is your holiday and we strive to take make it the best for you. This is our pledge to you so if you have a problem inform us quickly so we can fix it.

Our mission Goal

Provide a safe & comfortable room for our guests that are 100% guest friendly. Provide the best maid services, motorbike rentals and all at the lowest prices possible. Most important to us is to keep the rooms up to standard and to fix any problems as quickly as possible. We register you with immigration so you are in compliance with Thai immigration law. Many agents do not do this for you. Your holiday experience is very important to us. We also provide rental contracts if you need it to extend your visa. Please note that if you are on a tourist visa and after you check in you make an overnight visit to another area we need to register you again with immigration for your protection. All it takes is a phone call or an email but you must notify us with in the required 24 hour period.

To make a reservation a booking deposit is required and we will send you a PayPal booking depoist invoice where you can use your credit card or you can use Western Union or even a swift code transfer. The room you have requested is the room you will get. We do not use the bait and switch method but if your booked room for some reason becomes unavailable we will offer you another room or refund your booking depoist. After the funds have been credited we will confirm your reservation with your check in voucher which lists all your selected options and costs. All room rates are listed with the room information pages. We respond very quickly to your requests. Check out times for all rooms is not later then 12:00 hours

Remember you and you alone are responsible for your valuables while renting rooms with us. Keep them secure at all times. All rooms are non-smoking rooms but smoking on the balcony is ok as long as you keep the balcony door closed.  Your are responsible for any guest you might bring in your rented room. There is video security in each building so if you have any problems please go to the building office ( not our office )  and request to view the video.
Room booking deposits are non-refundable